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Daisies can also earn leaves to go with their petals. Each year, they can learn how to use money wisely. When they do, they'll earn a Financial Literacy leaf. Daisies usually earn one Financial Literacy leaf each year.


Daisy Making ChoicesDaisy money counts hr



Money Counts

When Daisy's earn the Money Counts Patch, they know more about money and what it's worth.



  1. Understand different kinds of coins.
  2. Know more about paper money.
  3. Find out the cost of fun.


Making Choices

When Daisy's earn the Making Choices Patch, they know more about how to make choices about using money.



  1. Find out the difference between needs and wants.
  2. Try setting a goal to save for what you want.
  3. Help others with what they need and want.